August 27, 2011
9 years, 4 months and 20 days since
our Reunion.

Welcome Guilford HS Class of 1981!

Welcome to our Official Class Website.  You will be able to find information here ranging from BIO's on your classmates, memorials for deceased classmates & photo albums to everything you need to know regarding Reunions and upcoming events.  If you have any suggestions that you think would improve the site, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We would love to hear your input!


Current Event Information:

35 Year Reunion Date: Fall 2016, Date TBD

Wow!  Can you believe we graduated 35 years ago?  It feels like it was just yesterday that the guys actually had hair and the girls were gossiping about "this, that and everything."

The reunion committee is still in the process of planning our reunion weekend. We promise to post it here and send out an email to everyone as soon as we have the details.  We hope you plan on joining us for a weekend of remembering:

"The Best of Times" 

As information is finalized, we will update this website with the lastest information.  Keep checking in here often to see what's new! 


Since we only communicated via email and facebook, PLEASE be sure to connect with our class FB pages:

1. Guilford HS Class of 1981 - 35 Year Reunion

2. Guilford HS Class of 1981


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Have some fun looking around at what we have put together here for you.

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"Classmates" page.  This page is designed to see a "list" of all our classmates, where they are today, and where life has taken them for the last 10 years.  Please take the time to tell us a little about yourself.

Also - please fill in the contact information as much as possible as this is where we will obtain all our information for the address book.  This information will NOT be visible.  No phone numbers or addresses will appear on the public side of the website.  It can only be accessed through the secure administrative side of the site.  If you register with your email address, your classmates will be able to contact you through the site by clicking on the "send an email" tab on your entry.

We have received a lot of feedback regarding this page.  Everyone LOVES reading about their classmates.  It's a great avenue for reconnecting and finding out what everyone is doing these days.




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