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We have received a lot of feedback regarding this page.  Everyone LOVES reading about their classmates.  It's a great avenue for reconnecting and finding out what everyone is doing these days.

Over the next couple of years we would love to get close to 100% participation on this page.

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Mary Guerrera (Adams)
Second Grade Teacher Married Aaron (13) This will be my 25th year teaching second grade for the Byron School District. Still enjoy teaching, but looking forward to retirement in seven years!
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Allison Hagman (Alexander)
CPA/CVA Single Again Grace (16), Max (13), Jack (11)
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David Alongi
Investment portfolio management and trading Married Kristine, 10
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J.R. Amsbaugh
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Married Yes
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Laurel Hajek (Anderson)
Med Tech/Blood Systems Manufacturing Processes Specialist www.tiltshiftpix.com Married none In San Francisco since 2004. Seattle from 1990-2004. Working in bloodbanking (quality assurance/regulatory, process improvement/design, technical writing). Collecting art and tattoos.

Married since New Year's Eve 1988.

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Owner, Med Rep Corp. Married While at Bradley University, I applied for an internship on Capitol Hill and moved to Washington DC for what I thought was the summer of 1984, but I never moved back. I transferred to George Washington University that fall, graduated the next spring, and worked as a lobbyist for 6 years before entering medical device sales with 3M in 1991. I started my own medical device agency in 1996, and we moved the business from the Washington DC suburbs to Richmond, VA in 1999.
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George D Bates
different every day www.facebook.com/gdbates Married check facebook!
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Brad Beale
Head of Digital Video Content Acquisition, Amazon.com amazon.com Married
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David Benedict
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Machine Tool Builder Single Not much has changed,been with the same company for 26 yrs,never married and still wrenchin on motorcycles
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Deborah Smith (Bess)
Closing Officer Married 2
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