Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I have updated the website today with as much information as possible.  It's definitely a work in progress.  Thank you for all your kind words in support of this website.  It makes it all worth the time invested.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

- Photo albums   were created for you to upload all your pictures from high school.  Please upload as many as you can!

Missing Classmates List:   Over the last couple of years I have received information on a few missing classmates. I would love to find as many as possible. This list contains classmates whom I have no email address for or emails that have bounced.  I need to be able to verify addresses before printing the address book.  If you see anyone on the list who you have contact with, send me their email and I'll be sure to get class information to them.

- Memorial Page:  I've completed the memorial page to the best of my knowledge.  If you know of any other classmates or teachers who have passed away and you don't see them on this page, please let me know.  Send me any information you have and I will get it uploaded onto the memorial page as soon as possible.  Memorials have to be posted from the administration side of the website. I apologize in advance for any incorrect information and would greatly appreciate hearing from you with any corrections. Thanks!

All for now.....